Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is responsible for all aspects of the process to select our scholars each year from among Harvard's graduating seniors. Members of the Committee conduct information sessions for interested students, review applications, interview candidates and choose the next year's scholars. The Committee consists of a diverse group of 18 former Harvard-Cambridge scholars, including the chairs of the Governance and Selection Committees. A subset of the Committee reads all of the applications in mid-December and from that pool selects roughly 20-24 candidates for first-round interviews. Another subset of the Committee conducts first-round interviews in late January and from that group selects 12 finalists. On a Saturday in early February, all 18 members of the Selection Committee gather in Cambridge to interview the 12 finalists. Interviews are conducted in the morning and the four scholarships are awarded later on the same day. The Committee selects two alternates in the event that any of the four seniors awarded scholarships ultimately declines the award.