There are four scholarships awarded annually, and they each provide for one year of study at Cambridge University at a College aligned with that scholarship -- the Lt. Charles Henry Fiske III scholar resides at Trinity College, the Lionel de Jersey Harvard scholar resides at Emmanuel College, the John Eliot scholar resides at Jesus College and the Governor William Shirley scholar resides at Pembroke college. Each scholarship grant covers tuition, fees and College housing and in addition includes a generous stipend for living expenses and travel. Applicants must be seniors in good standing at Harvard College who complete their undergraduate studies and are also then admitted to a graduate program at Cambridge, but beyond that there are no academic requirements. We accept applications in late fall and award the scholarships in mid-February. We have awarded two scholarships (Fiske and de Jersey) since 1921, and have awarded them continuously except from 1940 until 1945. In 1995, we added a third scholarship (Eliot), and in 1997, a fourth (Shirley). There is also a summer scholarship program centered at Trinity and Emmanuel.