The Harvard-Cambridge Scholarships are somewhat unique among scholarships available to graduating Harvard seniors in that they are governed by a committee made up entirely of former scholars, all Harvard alumni. There are three formal committees: the Governance Committee, the Selection Committee and the Nominating Committee.

The Governance Committee is comprised of approximately a dozen former scholars; it meets at least twice annually and is charged with overseeing the scholarships, including the annual operating budget. Members of the Governance Committee, including the chair, typically serve for a minimum of 3 years. The current members of the Governance Committee are:

Joshua Goodman (Jesus, 2001), Chair
Scott Mead (Emmanuel, 1978)
Vincent Li (Trinity, 1988)
Elisabeth Reynolds (Trinity, 1990)
Danielle Sherrod (Jesus, 1999)
Ryan Rippel (Pembroke, 2006)
Moira Weigel (Emmanuel, 2008)
Jonathan Weigel (Pembroke, 2010)
James Pelletier (Pembroke, 2012)
Abigail Modaff (Emmanuel, 2013), Selection Committee Chair
Chenzi Xu (Pembroke, 2013)
Charles Gertler (Jesus, 2014)

The Nominating Committee is comprised of up to three members of the Governance Committee. The chair may not be a member of the Nominating Committee. The current members of the Nominating Committee are Moira Weigel, and Elizabeth Reynolds.