Tamara Fernando

Tamara Fernando, currently living in Adams House, is a History and Literature concentrator. Raised in Sri Lanka, she was a member of its National Debate Team at the World School Championships in 2011 and 2012, after which she was hired by the Ministry of Education to train other students selected for that competition. Fluent in Sinhalese and proficient in Mandarin, she also has basic knowledge of German, Serbian and Tamil. She was awarded the Oliver Dabney Junior Award for Excellence in History and Literature. Her extracurricular activities include the Harvard Undergraduate Council, where she was the chairperson of the Student Initiatives Committee, and the Harvard Forum for International Development, where she was the Director of International Programming. She has trained in library resources and served as a circulation assistant at Widener Library. She plans to pursue an MPhil in Early Modern History as the Eliot Scholar at Jesus College.