Miriam Farkas

Miriam FarkasMiriam Farkas, who lived in Lowell House, was a concentrator in Linguistics. She was born in Virginia and educated in Maryland. She is proficient in Arabic and French, reads Hebrew, and has been learning Akkadian. She has done some of her linguistics research at the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab in College Park, Maryland. Her interest in linguistics and cognitive science is closely linked to her interest in music both as a performer and a lyricist. She was the rotating principal oboist for the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and principal oboist for both the Bach Society Orchestra and the Dunster House Opera Orchestra. In addition to writing comedic skits and singing with Shani, a Harvard Jewish Social Action A Cappella Group, she has written and recorded over 30 songs and has released an online debut album. As the John Eliot Scholar at Jesus College, she pursued an MPhil in Linguistics in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.