Aziza Suleymanzade

Aziza SuleymanzadeAziza Suleymanzade was born in Azerbaijan and moved with her family to Russia when she was young. She began high school in the large scientific community in Dubna, Russia and finished it, due to another family move, in Islamabad, Pakistan, where she had an introduction to the British system of education at the Beaconhouse School. She is fluent in English, Russian and Azerbaijani and proficient in Turkish, Urdu and Hindi. She has spent her college summers as a research assistant in laboratories in Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Cambridge. She has been a member of the Harvard University Dance Team for four years, during which time she has won medals in both the US and Canada. She brought her music education in singing from Russia to Harvard, where she performed in two seasons of opera scenes staged by Lowell House Opera. At Harvard, Aziza concentrated in Physics and Astrophysics and lived in Eliot House. At Cambridge, she attended Emmanuel College as the Harvard Scholar and studied Physics.