Ramya Rangan

Ramya Rangan, a resident of Currier House, is a joint concentrator in Computer Science and Mathematics. She has held internships at the MIT Bioinformatics Research Center, Yelp, the Broad Institute for Biomatics Research and DEShawResearch Scientific Programming Research. Among her honors and awards she has won Google’s Anita Borg Scholarship, a Tech in the World Fellowship, the Detur Book Prize, and Bronze in the China Girls’ Math Olympiad on a US team of 7. At Harvard she has been a Teaching Fellow for Advanced Algorithms, Data Structure and Algorithms, Math 25, Honors Linear Algebra and Real Analysis; not surprisingly, she was awarded a Derek Bok Certificate of Distinction in Teaching. She has been co-president of Harvard Women in Computer Sciences, and since 2012 she has been an instructor in its Girls Who Code group. She will be the Fiske Scholar at Trinity, pursuing an MPhil in Computational Biology.