Elba Alonso-Monsalve

Elba Alonso-MonsalveElba Alonso Monsalve, who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, studied Physics and Mathematics at Harvard. Elba sang as a Choral Fellow in the Harvard University Choir and with the Harvard College Opera; she also served as co-president of the Harvard Society of Physics Students and of Harvard’s Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics group, through which she organized the 2017 Conference for Womxn in Math and Statistics. She has researched dark matter at CERN, participated in conferences on quantum field theory and topology, and published papers in both English and Spanish on asteroids and supernovas. Elba has also found the time to teach high school students about particle physics, publish her photographs, and do original archival research on a forgotten Egyptologist. Elba is the Lt. Charles H. Fiske III Scholar at Trinity, studying Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.