Christian Schatz

Christian SchatzChristian Schatz, who was raised in southern California and lived in Adams House at Harvard, concentrated in Environmental Science and Public Policy. His secondary field was English. At Harvard he was on the Varsity Lightweight Rowing team – a sophomore “walk-on”, he ended up as an alternate for the first and second boats -- and he has served as VP of Harvard College Faith and Action, a Christian Fellowship. He spent a summer in Trento, Italy in a Harvard study abroad program, and he was one of seven fellows selected to spend five weeks in Madagascar studying the impacts of environmental change on human health. Among his several publications is an article in National Geographic Explorer’s Journal with highlights of his Madagascar study. His senior thesis explored the relationship among environmental themes in the Bible, the beliefs and actions of Evangelical Christians, and the scientific facts of climate change. He is pursuing an MPhil in Cultural Geography as the Governor William Shirley Scholar at Pembroke College.